FGCI Marine Grade Laminating Epoxy 1:1 – Slow





Fiberglass Epoxy

FGCI Marine Grade Laminating Epoxy Resin is perfect for boat building, boat repair, laminating, and wet layups. The 1:1 mixture is especially formulated for a longer working time and slower cure. This fiberglass epoxy resin is extremely durable and built to last!

The Ultimate Epoxy Fiberglass Resin

For over 60 years we have been especially crafting our Laminating Fiberglass Resin for a variety of marine, construction, and auto applications. FGCI Marine Grade Fiberglass Epoxy is the best resin for boat building, composite construction, and epoxy fiberglass repair projects!

Fiberglass Epoxy Repair

Our 1:1 epoxy for fiberglass makes boat building and boat repair a no-brainer! Issues like cracks, scrapes, gelcoat blistering, loose hardware, and delamination are no match for our easy-wet-out formulation.

Long Pot Life & Extended Cure

Our 1:1 Fiberglass Laminating Epoxy allows for almost an hour working time for those lengthier fiberglass installs and repairs. Bulkhead installation? Deck repair? No problem thanks to our 1:1 SLOW fiberglass epoxy laminating resin. This marine grade epoxy resin is thin enough to make for an easy wet out on anything from 1708 to Fiberglass Cloth and even Carbon Fiber!

Be sure to only mix small amounts at a time, stirring for a full 3 minutes. At 77 degrees, the FGCI Marine Laminating Epoxy Slow Kit will take around 45-55 minutes to set up, with a full cure taking 24 hours.


NOTE: Gelcoat does not stick to epoxy, while inversely epoxy does stick to gelcoat. So, if you’re planning on adding a layer of gelcoat to your epoxy lamination, then be sure to go with one of our Polyester blend resins.


PRO TIP: Laminating Chopped Strand Mat with epoxy is not recommended due to the binder in the fiberglass. For mat, use a Polyester resin for best results.


Step 1: Ensure your project is ready to laminate and is in a clean, level, dust-free environment. If pulling a part from a mold, ensure the mold is properly surfaced and waxed for easy pulls. Ideal working temperature is between 70-85 degrees, with warmer temperatures leading to less working time.


Step 2: Measure equal parts A-side Laminating Epoxy to B-side Activator by volume.
*Note: ratio by weight is 100:84


Step 3: Mix the material thoroughly with a mixing stick for at least 3 minutes. Be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container as you mix.


Step 4: Apply the material liberally by either pouring onto your surface or spooning it with a clean paint brush.


Step 5: Work the material around the desired area thoroughly with a roller or a paint brush, ensuring equal amounts of resin to glass throughout.


Step 6: Allow material to fully cure before pulling your part. Full cure is approximately 24 hours.


Cleanup tools and work area with Isopropyl Alcohol immediately after use for best results.


  1. Charlie Norris

    “I love fiberglass coatings. They have great products and excellent advice. I'm trying to open a boat repair shop in St . Mary's, GA and my supply WILL come from fiberglass coatings. When I lived in the Fl. Keys for 36 years and worked for a towing and salvage Co for 15 years all our supplies came from Fiberglass coatings. Great service and never were disappointed. Keep up the great job everyone.”
  2. Brian Lewis

    “The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly Have always gotten the right stuff for the right job. Pat,mark,Colby,Ryan your the best. Pat is the walking encyclopedia of FGCI.”
  3. Justin Lammers

    “Been working on a skiff project and using all FGCI products. They came highly recommended by my friends who are boat builders. It is the highest quality resins, glass, and gelcoat for the money. They made it really easy for a newer person to boat building. The customer service is phenomenal and they are always knowledgeable and ready to help with any questions I had.”
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