Presta Super Cut Compound

Presta’s Super Cut Compound

Presta’s Super Cut Compound is an aggressive compound that removes heavy oxidation and scratches.


Presta Supercut Compound

Presta Marine Super Cut Compound is an ultra-aggressive compound designed to remove P800 and finer dual-action or wet sand scratches and medium to light oxidation from gel coat, fiberglass and select painted surfaces.

Features & Benefits

  • For use on gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces
  • Contains no waxes, fillers or silicones
  • Designed for use with high-speed, rotary buffers
  • Water-based formula cleans up easily


  • Shake well before using.
  • Do not apply in sunlight or on warm surfaces.
  • Apply a 2” dab of Super Cut for a 2’ x 2’ (.6m x .6m) section and spread with the cutting pad.
  • Buff at speed between 1600 to 2600 rpm. Recommended speed is 2200 rpm.
  • Work the buffer side to side slowly in a figure-eight pattern as you slowly buff the gel coat surface until most of the product is gone and gloss appears.
  • Add more Super Cut and repeat if necessary to remove deep scratches.
  • Remove compound splatter as soon as possible with a soft, damp cloth.


  1. Charlie Norris

    “I love fiberglass coatings. They have great products and excellent advice. I'm trying to open a boat repair shop in St . Mary's, GA and my supply WILL come from fiberglass coatings. When I lived in the Fl. Keys for 36 years and worked for a towing and salvage Co for 15 years all our supplies came from Fiberglass coatings. Great service and never were disappointed. Keep up the great job everyone.”
  2. Brian Lewis

    “The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly Have always gotten the right stuff for the right job. Pat,mark,Colby,Ryan your the best. Pat is the walking encyclopedia of FGCI.”
  3. Justin Lammers

    “Been working on a skiff project and using all FGCI products. They came highly recommended by my friends who are boat builders. It is the highest quality resins, glass, and gelcoat for the money. They made it really easy for a newer person to boat building. The customer service is phenomenal and they are always knowledgeable and ready to help with any questions I had.”
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