Arjay 4001 Polyester Core Bonding Compound – 5 GL

Arjay 4001 High Strength Core Bonding


When repairs require high tensile and flexural strength, 4001 does the trick. Easy mixing and easy application and the ability to adhere and truly bond to a wide variety of substrates.


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Arjay 4001 Polyester Core Bonding Compound


Arjay 4001 Core Bonding Compound is the high strength bonding choice for boats, providing superior tensile strength and fantastic flexural strength. Fiberglass boat repairs require a product that has not only a strong bond, but is flexible enough to withstand high seas and Arjay’s 4001 does just that. 4001 adheres to many types of surfaces, including PVC, Foam, Balsa and Honeycomb, along with so much more.

Arjay 4001 Polyester Core Bonding Compound Benefits:

  1. Flexible Gel Times
  2. Works with nearly all types of coring
  3. Increases flexural strength by up to 60%
  4. Great for bonding large FRP Laminates
  5. Requires MEK-P Catalyst (is not included). We recommend buying our 1 Quart MEK-P and then following the mixing directions.


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