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Non-Corrosive Epoxy, Curing Agent, 2:1 Ratio, EA-682B, 1/2 Gallon

Item #:125235 
FGCI, Non Corrosive Activator, Part B, 100% Solids, 2:1, Mix well and do not vary ratio. Activators with lower ratios give Flex & Work Time; Higher Ratios give Hardness & Chem. Resistance, Pot Life @ 77F & .5 lb Mass: 20-30 Min., 1/2 GL
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1.0 57.37

Our 2 to 1 Epoxy Activator forms an easy to use 2 component 100 % solids epoxy system when mixed with either of our available epoxy resins in a ratio of two parts Resin ( A side ) to one part Activator (B side ) by volume. It Is faster setting with generally improved properties then our 1 to 1 Activator system. When mixed with our Standard Epoxy Resin it forms a thicker high viscosity system more suited to adhesive bonding and casting applications as it will generally forms a tougher stronger plastic with better adhesion. When used with our Laminating Epoxy resin it will form a thinner liquid more appropriate for wetting out fiberglass and other reinforcements it will have a slightly longer Gel Time and form a plastic with more flexibility and a lower HDT (Heat Distortion Temperature). Both systems cure to a tough, hard, blush free, amber colored plastic, with good physical properties, chemical and solvent resistance, excellent resistance to water and good adhesion to wood, glass, metals, and most other plastics.

As with all adhesive compounds bonding surfaces should be clean and free dirt or grease.

Resins, Polyester & Vinylester & Epoxy

1/2 gallon